A new trend for fat loss is gaining
traction and it may replace other methods.

Red Light Therapy promises to be the best treatment yet as it’s science proven and certified with safe and painless procedures. You can simply apply to the area of your choice for thirty minutes, relaxing in a spa atmosphere while you do so, and see measurable results immediately.

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About Us

The fat that accumulates in the body can be challenging to deal with, no matter how well a person eats or exercises. Typically, you need liposuction surgery or extreme measures to achieve your desired results, but what if there was another way?

Red light therapy is a fantastic treatment for skin and fat conditions, such as cellulite or weight loss. These devices positively affect mitochondria and cellular energy, causing them to break down while releasing waste products harmlessly into the bloodstream. The result? Fat reduction and skin tightening with no surgery required.

NASA has been using red light therapy for over 20 years to heal wounds in space and on earth. In the past, NASA used high-energy lasers as a form of treatment but switched their focus towards LED lamps due to concerns about eye safety. Red Light Therapy is now known by doctors across America for its variety of benefits that range from wound repair all the way down to fat loss.

Slim Light is housed within the Morter Family Chiropractic clinic and led by Dr. Josh Morter and his team that have been helping patients in the area since 2012.  They are trusted leaders in our community, and they are proud to bring this new technology to our area.

What to Expect

You will meet with Amy Perez director of our Slim Light Specialist division for a one-on-one consultation. You will take time to discuss your non-surgical body contouring goals and answer any questions you may have. They will discuss the various treatment packages available and help you choose which package will best meet your needs. For best results, you will need to maintain a healthy diet and exercise, which will assist with fat loss.

During your first Red Light Therapy session, she will measure you before and after the treatment. You will simply lie in our Red Light Therapy room and the it will target your specific problem areas. You will relax for 40 minutes. You will also have Whole Body Vibration therapy after the therapy session to stimulate the Lymphatic System. We believe you will be very pleased with your body contouring before and after results.

Red Light Therapy

For best results, it is important to avoid alcohol, high-fat and high-carbohydrate foods, stay well hydrate and walk for at least 30 minutes per day during the period of your body contouring treatments.


How is it different than other procedures like liposuction or CoolSculpting?

Body contouring surgery such as liposuction removes the fat cells. Coolsculpting kills the fat cell. You might think that removing or killing the fat cells is a good thing. However, it is actually harmful to your body because your fat cells play important roles in your overall health. They are vital for regulating your metabolism, maintaining your immune system, and balancing your hormone levels. If you destroy or remove fat cells, it has a negative effect on these functions. Instead of destroying the fat cells, this laser technology creates temporary pores in the cell membrane of the fat cells, allowing the fat stored inside to leak out into the space between the cells. Your fat cells then basically just shrink, remaining alive so they can still perform the functions they are designed to do.

How Does It Work?

The Slim Light system is an FDA approved laser that emits a low-level energy that stimulates the fat cell and creates temporary pores in your fat cell membrane and liquefying the cell contents. This liquid then exits the cell where it enters the interstitial space. From there, your lymphatic system clears it! No pain, no downtime, and no side effects. Results are typically seen after 12 treatments, which last 40 minutes or more over a span of six weeks. Depending on the area, results can take anywhere from 6 to 12 sessions.

See What Red Light Therapy Services Can Do

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy can help your skin improve by increasing collagen and elastin growth. Clinical research also showed that red light therapy, helped people achieve the following health improvements: reduced cellulite; cosmetic body contouring (smaller waistline); targeted fat loss in hips and thighs; and skin tightening.

Fat Loss
With red light therapy you can lose up to thirty inches in just twelve weeks and continue losing weight by naturally shrinking fat cells that release additional unwanted body fat with each session. You’ll also enjoy the added benefits of improved sleep and moods which will help keep your inch loss going strong after sessions are complete as well!
Light Therapy
It’s non-invasive, pain-free, and it’s one of the fastest-growing slimming treatments in the nation. This technology has now come to Murfreesboro from the team at Slim Light.

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We are offering $99 initial consultation & treatment with guaranteed loss of three inches or your next treatment is free!  

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